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Kurklinik Friedrichshöhe in Bad Pyrmont

The northern section of the „Gärten im Wandel“
(„Gardens in flux“, designed by Kamel Louafi) consists of the Black Gardens, the Piazza and the Belvedere and belongs to the new home of the BMW Hannover-ExpoPark. The used car center with the former post office is situated to the west of the gar-dens. The new car center is located to the east in the former French pavilion. A part of the gardens is used to present vehicles. The cars are concentrated in the area “Piazza” and they are integrated into the design of the square that regained its original look. This way the areal context from the Expo-Plaza to

the “Gardens in flux” is maintained. Despite being private property this part of the gardens is open to the public. A square out of coarse gravel is planted with black pines as an areal expansion of the Black Gardens. This way the entrée of “Gardens in flux” is enhanced and the connection to the Expo-Plaza is strengthened. The new design and restructuring of the accompanying streets enhances the once dis-tracted public paths relationships. The topography is the central theme for the redesign of the surroun-dings of the buildings that border horizontally the streets which follow the slope in various ways.