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Kurklinik Friedrichshöhe in Bad Pyrmont

In the course of the transformation/conversion of a building that was built in the 70s into an office building the integration of the designed triple-garage and a garden gazebo on the property was of importance and to design the overall ruderal property as a garden. The idea of the design was to understand the existing pine forest as a garden and to integrate the two new buildings as gentle as possible. The slender tree trunks come up to the facades of the buildings. The impression emerges that the trees grew after the building was built. The garage ducks in a swilley/depression in the terrain.

An access road out of basalt plaster stones nestles up against the existing topography and the trees. The garden paths and terraces are coated in a basalt plaster as well. The forest floor is covered tessellated with a typical vegetation of grasses, ferns, blueberries and foxglove. A few flowering shrubs like Rhododendron were used as structuring and protective elements. A lowered and shaded terrace received a cubic moss stone that water flows over.