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Westpark Augsburg

The 55 hectare “Westpark” is the focal point of a new neighbourhood on the grounds of the former Reese and Sheridan Casern in Augsburg. The park is a comprehensive green corridor in the western part of the city and therefore of importance for the whole city. Within the conversion of the military casern, once used by the Allied Forces, a new neigh-bourhood is emerging with an extensive open space. The link that combines the various design features of the park is a meandering foot path that takes course from the northern end to the southern end of the park. This ribbon-like path guides you through

the park and ties the park to the surrounding landscape. Its width changes every now and then and separate paths drift apart and merge together again. Depending on the design of the paths there are either “fast” or “slow” connections from point A to point B. The areas between the ribbons are special places that offer a variety of sport facilities, play opportunities or contain displays of extraordinary plant arrangements like movable prairie perennial beds. The existing trees are being conserved and enhanced with North-American tree species that change colours in the fall.