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Shopping Centre south of Elisabeth Church, Langenhagen

The new shopping mall is located in the transition zone from the street Walsroder Straße to the historic church Elisabethkirche and the hidden entrance to the city park. The new parking lot was designed as a city square in order to accentuate the urbanistic importance of the location. The city-square as well as the square in front of the church are granted individual characters. The pedestrian and bicycle path that is located between these areas acts as both a line differentiating between both areas and at the same time emphasizing the different nature of each space. The path is framed by evergreen

hedges that underline the intimacy of the square in front of the church. The parking space for cars is not framed separately; instead it is marked by a yellow/grey pattern. A generous parking area emerged which is structured by trees and can be used multifunctionally. The open space in front of the church is organised as an open square that is minimally planted. Single high-stem magnolias are placed to accentuate the area. This creates a small-scale meeting place with a welcoming atmosphere.