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On the northern periphery of Rheine, the new Saline Park, between the former monastery Bentlage and the Nature Zoo, has added a centre of attraction of national importance to the man-made landscape of Münsterland. In the context of the Regionale 2004, the characteristics of this landscape, elements of the existing park and the saltworks, were assembled in a landscape park. The dominant features in the park are the historic facilities of the saltworks. A solid of pleached limes and a walkway make up the original length of 293 metres of the existing relicts of the graduation house.

Visitors stroll, past walls of lime, along this walkway extending between the graduation houses, and are finally taken across the saline canal and into the landscape. They experience the park from a different viewpoint and learn about the effect of saline brine treatment. From the entrance area of the zoo the impressive graduation house can be seen – it will also lure zoo visitors into the Saline Park. Over-sized stork’s footprints on the paths lead the way and draw attention to the large colony of storks at the zoo.